At Barabas

At Barabas you enjoy sincere hospitality at a prime location in the historic city centre.

We do justice to the liveliness of B&B Côté Canal & guesthouse Huyze Herstberge, that housed here before.

We are proud of our little piece of Unesco World Heritage and gladly let you take part in enjoying its splendour. The interior and the decoration have been inspired by the days of yore. From the pear tree to the net curtains, the stained glass and the many chimneys. It actually makes one go silent.

We are all but standing still, on the contrary, we are progressing and innovating more than ever.

Barabas, what’s in the name?

Browsing the Bible’s New Testament, you’ll encounter the name of Barabas. Just to make clear, we’re not proclaiming the faith, but it is a reference to the various, religious purposes the premises once served. In the 16th century these stately mansions served as a house of refuge for the deanery in Hertsberge, which provided the neighbourhood with the required character.

Fidèle, the world-famous Labrador dog of Bruges
For years the sweet Labrador dog Fidèle has been the faithful companion of owner Caroline, who housed here before Barabas. The darling of the people of Bruges, a ‘picture perfect’ for the tourists.

Fidèle quietly lay watching (and sleeping) in his favourite spot, leaning out of the window, at the Groenerei Canal. He really enjoyed the traffic and posed for many a lens. This resulted in a bunch of postcards, phone covers and a scene in the film In Bruges. After many wonderful years, thousands of unique photos & endless love, Fidèle passed away in 2016. But the impact he created is still alive. Just type ‘Fidèle Bruges’ in the search engines and you’ll see why he was so popular.

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