A hidden gem in Bruges

The romantic Bruges that you find in picture postcards, paintings, and biscuit tins, a place that of old has been immortalized over and over again, that is the location of Barabas. Our historic premises are perfectly situated in the historic city centre of Bruges. Double win! Because you won’t find a more authentic experience.

Moreover, the bed & breakfast is situated between the two oldest bridges of the city and every room offers a breathtaking view over the garden and the Groenerei Canal. Being a guest here makes you feel more from Bruges than the people of Bruges themselves (Anja Defoort).

Walk out of your guesthouse and immediately breathe in the typical atmosphere of Bruges. Barabas is only a few steps away from the Grote Markt, in a more peaceful part of town. In brief, the perfect operating base for your trip through Bruges.

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Sanseveria zaakvoerder - Bert

The hidden gem in Bruges